Call for Abstracts

Proposal Submission Guidelines

- All proposals are submitted electronically to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Varisa Osatananda at

- The submission file is in Microsoft Word

- The text is double-spaced, uses 12-point Times New Roman font, and employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses)

- Name your file as “abstractELT_surname”
(e.g. abstractELT_osatananda.docx)

The proposal contains the following information:

1. Presenter(s) information
- Name(s) and affiliation(s)
- Coordinating presenter’s email address

2. Type of presentation

3. Topic areas

4. Title of presentation

5. Abstract (not exceeding 150 words) and three keywords

6. Presenter(s)’ bio data (not exceeding 150 words per each presenter)


All proposals must be received by June 20, 2018.

Topic Areas

- World Englishes/English as a Global Language

- English as an International Language/English as a Lingua Franca

- Linguistic Ecology

- Language Teaching Methodologies

- Language Acquisition/Psycholinguistics

- Learner and Teacher Autonomy

- Learning Strategies, Individual Differences, Anxiety and Motivation

- Technology and Language Teaching

- Blended Learning

- Corpora in English Language Teaching

- Literacy in Second Language Acquisition

- Literature and Language Teaching

- Materials Development and Design

- Language Testing and Assessment

- English for Academic/Specific Purposes

- Intercultural Communication

- Translation and Interpretation Studies

Types of Presentations

Participants are invited to submit proposals for three types of presentation:

1. Research or discussion paper

2. Workshop

3. Poster


The abstract describing a session will

- not exceed 150 words

- not reveal the presenter(s)’s name(s) or contain references to the presenter(s)’ published works

- be written to attract the most appropriate audience to the topic and type of presentation

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The conference adopts a double-blinded review process. Two peer reviewers will be asked to review each proposal submission. A third peer reviewer will be solicited in the case of a divided decision among the two initial reviewers. The following criteria will be used:

1. The topic of the proposal is current, relevant, and significant to the field.

2. The abstract makes reference to the theory, practice and/or research on which the presentation is based.

3. The abstract provides details to support arguments, practices, and conclusions.

3. The abstract provides details to support arguments, practices, and conclusions.

4. The abstract is well written and serves as an indicator of a high quality presentation.

For more information, please contact: